Friday, July 2, 2010

Jan Patek- Favorite Things Quilt

I just started the Jan Patek- Favorite Things quilt kit.

I bought the kit at Traditional Pastimes (Calgary, AB) and I decided that I am going to make it for my mom for Christmas. When I purchased the kit, the sales lady asked "Have you ever appliqued before?"... I said "Nope, but might as well start with something I like!". I purchased the books Learn To Applique by Better Homes and Gardens and The Quilting Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert to get me going. And with guidance from my mom and my boyfriend's mom, I have a good start.

I finished block one the other day (I am a little slow but I got it done!). I have just started on the pumpkin blocks, and as soon as I get them done, I will post photos.


Another project I have been working on (my first full size pieced quilt) is a version of Yellow Brick Road Pattern with Apple by Timeless Treasures. Here is a picture of when I had just done the borders. I have just finished quilting it -I had a few minor mistakes where my needle would jump on a thick seam. I am not sure how to avoid this? Any ideas?


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