Friday, July 2, 2010

My first blog!

Hi there,

This is my very first blog and so far, it seems pretty easy... just type and post. I am a newbie quilter, just started in March of this year. My mom bought me a refurbished Janome MC for my birthday. I live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment, so my sewing room is really my kitchen (thank god I have an ottoman for a table in the living room). I don't mind my setup and I am sure most beginner quilters don't have a huge, stocked sewing room to start out with. Over time, and with added experience, I will graduate to my very own sewing room complete with a brand new sewing machine. My first project was a half-sqaure triangle table topper. It went alright except I totally botched the binding. My second project was another table topper but with "Tiny Squares". This one went much better, and my quilting job had improved significantly from the first. Once I finished this project, I was hooked.

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