Monday, August 9, 2010

Quilting at the Lake

This last weekend, my boyfriend and I stayed out at his family's cabin. It was wonderful. The boys went golfing and fishing, and the gal's quilted. I managed to finish Block 3 of the JP's Favorite Things along with Block 2 of the Mom & Me Quilt. I only added one chimney to the house instead of the two in the pattern. I think two would have been too crowded.

Block 3-house

Block 2-Log Cabin
I also just started working on a quilt for my cousin for Christmas. I got the fabric, AquaTerra, from Connecting Threads. It is a collection of retro-earthy toned fabrics. I am doing a pattern called Nine-Patch in Border from "Laps from Fats for Family & Friends" by Ellen Replogle.


  1. I love the title of your blog! Although I design quilt patterns..I too feel like a 'quilter in training'....always!
    Your house block is so cute. I just finished a post on 'house quilts' that I have scheduled to post on Sunday. I am addicted to these quilts. They are so fun to make.
    so nice to find your blog!

  2. The title of your blog is a winner... LOL. Fabulous.
    I am a Q.I.T too. I like your house block.
    Glad I found your blog and am following you

  3. Awww thanks girls. I had a hard time coming up with a name. I think I will have to post a blog about the previous titles. I think no matter how much experience I will have, I will always be a Quit. I.T. lol.