Saturday, August 14, 2010

Those Crafty Sales

How is it that when you head to a sewing shop you think to yourself "I am only going to spend $15... $20 at the most, after all, I only need safety pins"? 15 minutes and $80 later you come strolling out of the store. Then you think to yourself "How do I justify this now? It's going to be alright- I just won't have Starbucks for the next three months!".

This is usually what happens to me whenever I walk into a quilting store. Today was a huge sale at a local quilting shop- 40% off all fabrics, 20% off all notions and batting. I was SO there!!!  I really only needed a 6.5 inch EZ triangle ruler but somehow I got sucked into the fabric area. I mean, you have to check it out right? I did find the cutest fabric called "Chinese Takeout- Tofu" by Sheri Berry for Lyndhurst/Northcott . I just couldn't pass them up. My plan for these is a new table cloth or place mats.

It cost me $75 and I didn't even get the damn ruler. LOL. 



  1. Yeah it happens to me every time...
    let's hope you won't need the triangle ruler for this project at least!

  2. Beautiful blog, and works. Greetings from Uruguay