Thursday, September 23, 2010

Machine Appliqué- The Beginning

Hello! I had my first machine appliqué class this last Tuesday and here are the first two blocks I made. I thought the Birdhouse turned out pretty well but the curves on my  Beehive & Flower block were a little dicey. I have determined that machine appliqué is quicker but much harder than hand appliqué.  All that pivoting...

The Birdhouse

I still need to add darker lines to the beehive to give it layered a look.
Quick question: What is the best way to get fusible web off my iron that I have melted on? Any ideas, let me know.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

JP's Flower Block

On the go right now...

JP's 2008 Mystery Quilt- Flower Block many layers.
Today is my first quilting class ever. We are doing machine appliqué with Jan Patek's Spring Fling pattern. I am stoked.


Monday, September 13, 2010

JP's 2010 Mystery Quilt- Block 1

Hi there! This last weekend did not have very nice weather so I stayed in and sewed... "OH darn!". I finished block one "The Kitteh" of Jan Patek's 2010 Mystery Quilt. I took a few liberties with the block. I didn't like the original legs on the cat so I re-drew it and added the little heart on his rump. I think when I get further along, I may add embroidered whiskers? What do you think?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jan Patek Obsession

It is now apparent that I have a Jan Patek obsession.

My favorite quilting store just rolled out their Fall 2010 class schedule. There is a ton of classes like Cathedral Windows, Dresden Star, Omigosh etc including the two that I picked: Spring Fling and Orange Peel. Spring Fling is by Jan Patek and as soon as I saw it on the wall I was like "omfg!". It is a tiny bit different than her normal country bumpkin patterns; this pattern is very soft and quite crisp- I love it. The other is Orange Peel out of the book called "Remembering Adelia: Quilts Inspired by Her Diary" by Kathleen Tracy.

Every time I see a Jan Patek pattern, I just fall in love with it. There were several JP classes this fall but I thought I should probably branch out slightly. I also loved the Omigosh by Quakertown Quilts Inc. but it is quite big and requires a large stash (since I am new-I don't quite have one yet).

Spring Fling by Jan Patek                                      

Orange Peel


Thursday, September 2, 2010


This last week, I made huge progress on the JP Favorite Things quilt. I managed to find time to finish one whole block in a weekend (generally I tend to clean, nap and do laundry). I also just started block 1 of the JP's 2010 Mystery BOM quilt.