Thursday, September 23, 2010

Machine Appliqué- The Beginning

Hello! I had my first machine appliqué class this last Tuesday and here are the first two blocks I made. I thought the Birdhouse turned out pretty well but the curves on my  Beehive & Flower block were a little dicey. I have determined that machine appliqué is quicker but much harder than hand appliqué.  All that pivoting...

The Birdhouse

I still need to add darker lines to the beehive to give it layered a look.
Quick question: What is the best way to get fusible web off my iron that I have melted on? Any ideas, let me know.



  1. very pretty! - I have attempted machine appliqué. I prefer sewing it by hand.

    Oh dear... so you have been there... done it!
    I have used white candle wax and gently rubbed it off with soft wet cotton.

  2. Good tip! I will try this week. LOL