Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy... Bee

I am back! I have been so busy that I haven't had time to get my latest quilting pictures up.  I have been working on four projects lately (12 more are planned). Somehow, I am a collector of future quilting projects. 

Jan Patek's Favorite Things: I had a little trouble keeping the stems straight on the Flower Block; the middle one is a tad wonky. I like the hearts though.

JP's Favorite Things- Heart Blocks

JP's Favorite Things- Flower Block

JP's Untitled "Mom & Me" Quilt: I am on Block 3 while Mom is on Block 8 so I am "a little" behind. :)

Orange Peel: I took a hand appliqué class last week where we learned how to make the leaves using a tin foil and cardboard cutouts method. You cut out the leaf shape from the card board, tin foil and fabric. Leave a generous 1/4" around the tin foil and fabric cutouts. You mist the fabric with a little water or starch, I used Best Press. Then you place the fabric between the tinfoil and cardboard, fold the edges around the cardboard - the foil holds the fabric in place. You flip the piece over and place a hot iron on top for several seconds, I left it about 10 sec or so. Remove the fabric after it has cooled to the touch. Now you have a perfect leaf for appliquéing. This method is very handy for simple shapes and when you need to make a lot of them- in this case I made 128 leaves. I will post pictures of the method this weekend.

 I am making one with purple, pinks, and yellow scraps with a grey background for me. The second one I am making is for a friend for Christmas. I tried to make it more manly so I used Kitty Yoshida's "Brooklyn Heights" and a few extra scrappy colors from my stash.

I am missing a few colors still... is the yellow too bright?
Orange Peel 2