Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From Snow to Sand and Back Again...

Last week, I was off to my cousin's destination wedding in Mexico. I stayed at the Grand Palladium White Sands Resort, about 2 hours drive from Cancun. I took some hand applique with but I got absolutely ZERO work done on it. It was just to hot and humid to sit there and sew plus the pieces would have been so soggy. I thought I would have some new quilting photos to share but I will just post a couple pics from the trip instead!

salt water pool 
The pool- many hours spent here
So Cute! I had to give her lots of chips!

the beach + bar


Monday, November 8, 2010

Tutorial: Tin Foil and Cardboard Appliqué

Here it is: Tin Foil & Cardboard Appliqué.  I learned this a few weeks ago in quilting class (Traditional's) from a lovely lady named Anne. This method works great if you are going to applique simple shapes such as leaves or circles and if you need a lot of them. You will need: fabric, tin foil, cardboard, pen, scissors (both for fabric and for paper), iron, spray starch or water.

First, trace your design on a piece of thin cardboard such as the inside of a cereal box. As an example, I am using a leaf design. Cut out the design on the marked line. If you are planning to make many pieces (I made 128 leaves), cut out several cardboard pieces so you can work in batches. 

Next, place your leaf on top of your selected fabric and cut around the shape leaving a generous 1/4” to 3/8” fabric along the edge. 

 Cut the tin foil in the same manner as the fabric. 

Spray the wrong side of the fabric with water or starch such as Best Press. Only spray just enough to lightly dampen the fabric; do not soak it. I prefer to use Best Press because it makes the fabric a bit stiffer. 

 Place the tin foil down (either side up is fine). Next, place the fabric in the middle with the wrong side up and the cardboard on top.

Begin folding the tin foil and fabric over the edge of the cardboard and leaving tails out at the points.

 Flip the leaf over, and place a dry iron on top of the entire leaf for 5 to 10 seconds. Careful, it will be hot! Let cool.

Carefully, peel back the tin foil (so you can re-use it) and then remove the cardboard. You should now have a crisp looking leaf that is ready to baste to a background fabric. Appliqué as you see fit.

Here are two more examples:

pin basted & hand app.

I hope this helps and gives you some new ideas for future projects.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Nine-Patch in Border Quilt Top

    I have been slowly poking away at this quilt for the last few months. It's a Christmas present for _______ (it's a secret!) and I thought I better get going on this or I won't get it done in time. Who wants to be up until 4 am on Christmas Eve trying to finish a quilt? Last night, I put the two different borders on. I think there is an actual measurement error in the pattern. Each nine-patch border block was supposed to be 8 " square, however, mine ended up being 7-3/4" ish. The strips were almost too long for the center portion of the quilt and I also had 40- two inch squares leftover. I am a little confused. 

   Can you spot where I was obviously watching T.V. and not paying attention while pinning rows together to sew? That's right.... there are 3 blue squares in a row! 

   Just a quick question. Any ideas on how I should quilt this? Should I use diagonal straight lines or stipple/meandering? I would love to hear your ideas.