Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010...

Just a few things I have been plugging away at over the holidays:

Jan Patek's Favorite Things BOM 

JP's Favorite things- BOM 

Orange Peel- Brooklyn Heights

My Aussie Block Swap buddy Beth has received her December block in the mail so now I can officially post the whole picture. I can't wait for my first block to arrive!

And there is a wonderful "New Years Give Away" at Stray Stitches

Warmest wishes and Best of Luck in 2011,


  1. I love the pics! Especially that pink and green block. I recognize that fabric I think....Robyn Pandolph??
    Thanks for stopping by this morning and for your sweet comment. If you want to change your background it's really easy and there are a lot of free backgrounds out in blog land. On my side bar I have a gadget for a blog to help people who are computer challenged like me!
    Have a sweet day!

  2. Wow, for being a beginner WOW - you are awesome...I have been quilting since the birth of my son in 2007 and I have not tried my hand at the orange peel or the cabins.... WOW