Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilting Block Swaps Australia: One Year Anniversary!

On April 6th, Quilting Block Swaps Australia (#1) is celebrating its one year anniversary!!!! The swap now has over 44 members. With so many people interested and wanting to join, a second 12" group (#2) was created earlier this year. Shortly after this, a 6" block swap was started.

I invite anyone and everyone to pop over to Sue's and sign up as part of the swap.  Not only do you get to try something new, you learn so much with each monthly block. You won't meet your swap buddy in person, but you will become friends nonetheless. I think it is pretty neat to make something from the heart and send it to places like Australia, New Zealand, England or Portugal.  I am always so excited to send a block because I know it will make my friend's day. And when I receive a block, it always makes my day too.

Congratulations, Sue!

All the best,
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  1. A block swapping friend
    Is yet to be seen,
    But can I join in
    Without a machine?

    Would I have to buy fabric
    To meet a request?
    Or pull from my stash
    and just do my best?

  2. Hi Sylvia
    Lovely post to advertise our little quilting group. Thank you for participating in the give away. You are in the running xx
    And to Julie, most blocks are machine pieced but I have had a hand sewer member, I use fabric from my stash to make the blocks.

  3. You are really talented. I couldn't write like that in a million years.My feelins are just the same, swaping means much more than exchaging blocks, it's a way to know people and find real friends.

  4. Has it been that long already??? Where has the time gone?

  5. Crazy eh... I have only done 4 blocks now but it seems longer (but not in a bad way). I am just glad to be apart of something neat.