Monday, September 17, 2012

Fancy Block

I am not loving the burnt mustard-y yellow color. Hopefully, this block blends in well with the rest of the quilt.

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Monday, August 27, 2012


Today, was Day 1 of my 'staycation'. For anyone who doesn't know, a staycation is vacation where you don't go any where. :) I took a few days off from work to relax and to quilt. Sometimes, you don't even need a holiday away from home, just a holiday period.

Monday's Hint

 Whenever I am cutting fabric, I always keep anything 1.5 inches and larger. This is probably crazy but when I am paying $13-$20/meter (also crazy), I just can't bring myself to toss it. Usually if they are around 2-3", I cut them down to 1.5" squares. I separate them into lights and darks/mediums and I use old salad containers to store them. If I am piecing at the machine, I use these matched up squares as leaders and enders. I start with the 1.5" block so that if the thread bunches up, it's not on the better block that I am making. It's a great way to start off and to end when chain sewing. Plus, you can use up random bits of material and will have blocks for another project with little extra effort. I made a few place mats a while back with these leaders and enders.

starting off

the leader preserves the point of my triangle without bunching up

the stash!
 I finished another two blocks today. However, I ended up botching one block and since it was kitted, there wasn't enough spare material to remake it. I had to dig through my stash for a similar green and make do.

This is what the block should look like:

This is what my block looks like:

This block went fairly well:

I am getting there:

A random non-quilting photo- check out this ridiculously adorable hat I found! (not real fur-so don't go all 'PETA' on me). I think I am going to save up for this puppy; it's not cheap.

perfect for our cold winters

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 more blocks

Today, I have been enjoying my new quilting space and I even got TWO blocks done for the "Mom & Me" quilt.

I also used my birthday present for the first time- a 17" rotating cutting mat. I didn't realize before but it is a 'must have' for sure. 

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MommaBird's New Blog

This weekend Mom and Dad came up to visit. I helped Mom set up her very own quilting blog. It's called MommaBird Quilts. She is working on an adorable baby quilt and she is also doing a "Mom & Me" quilt. Pop on over and check it out. :)

We also took down the spare bed and turned my extra room into a quilting room for me. Once the mattress is gone, it's will be perfect. Plus I have my computer handy for movies, music or looking up quilting tips/tutorials. I just need a small cutting table but I can use my kitchen table for now. There are also a couple places in town i.e.. Stash Lounge where you can pay an hourly rate to use their large cutting tables. I have a few projects that require tons of cutting so I may have to hit that space up soon. Sometimes there is just not enough room on my kitchen table!

almost there...
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Connecting Threads September Catalog

Guess what just arrived in the mail?!  The Connecting Threads September Issue! I absolutely love this website. I buy all my batting, thread and rotary blades from them. They have very reasonably priced fabric and their shipping is only $7.99 to Canada on orders over $50 (online). Do you remember the nine patch-in-border quilt I made for my cousin for christmas in 2010? That super cute fabric was from CT.

Here is the front cover of the catalog:

Look at this adorable Christmas fabric:

I am also helping MommaBird set up her own blog so I will post her link sometime this weekend. :)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Birdie Feet

I started the feet for the chicken/bird block. Wow- these babies are a challenge! They have the tiniest points I have ever worked on. The stitches look bad but I am hoping once it is all together, that you won't even notice. ;)

an almond for reference (I was snacking at the time ha ha)

I also finished the moon and stars block. It's such a long block, it was hard to get a good photo of it.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Give Away at Red Raspberry

Kylie from Red Raspberry Quilts is having her first ever giveaway! Head on over and check out her blog.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Block- part 1

This is an extremely long block and it's very hard to keep from distorting it. It is has a few stars, a moon and a flower (I substituted a JP flower for the angel that the pattern called for).

Working on the flower tonight and then one star to go!

The next block has chickens with itsy bitsy birdie feet. I am sure those will be super easy...

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Time Flies

Today, I finally logged back onto my blog and realized "holy crap, it's been SIX months!". 

Time just flies sometimes and I can't believe it is almost August (winter jackets are already available at Costco by the way!) It seems like I have had zero time to work on anything lately. I started a new position at work so I have been working long hours and haven't felt energetic enough to sit down and sew. 

That is all about to change.... TONIGHT.

I am going start working on the last BOM for mom and dad's quilt (the Jan Patek's Favorite Things quilt). And I just realized that I missed my 2-year Blogiversary give-away so I will prep for that shortly- have to find something adorable to give away first. :)

Since I love posts with pictures (and obviously, I have no new sewing ones),  here is a cute photo of Mr. B and a picture of down town Calgary when I was walking to work...

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Linda at Linda's Quiltmania is having a giveaway! Leave a comment before Feb 3 and you will have a chance to win a Bali Pop!

(pic from Linda's blog)

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Quilting Weekend with MommaBird

This weekend was awesome because MommaBird came up to visit. First, we went fabric shopping at Traditional Pastimes! Mom bought some adorable fabric for the baby quilts she is making (no rumors now, it's not for me!) and a couple fat 1/8 bundles. I bought a bundle of long quarters of this bright Rhinestone fabrics. We hit the farmer's market, went out for dinner at Diner Deluxe (the pulled pork sandwich is amazing) and made the expensive mistake of stepping foot into Lululemon. :) And obviously, we quilted! I worked on some random stuff I had laying around and mom worked on this super cute balloon baby quilt. I was also puppy sitting so we had a little quilting helper named Demo.

"You no sew!" says Demo

left over orange peels

blocks from a swap

Mom's paper pieced balloon quilt

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

Well, it's a brand new year and I can't believe 2012 is here already. I also can't believe my last post was in October! I feel kind of bad for not posting anything but to be honest, I burnt myself out with the bicycle quilt. I took two months off from sewing and I definitely needed it. After all the food, chocolates, champagne, wine, naps and relaxing over the holidays, I am finally ready to get back into it.

 I am *this close* to finishing the quilting on my friend's housewarming gift and should have more photos soon. Tonight, I just finished this  super quick and fun pain in the ass flower block. It had 49 appliqued berries! It wasn't too challenging just time consuming. I just have two more blocks to go, and I will be able to put mom & dad's quilt together. :)

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