Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quilting Weekend with MommaBird

This weekend was awesome because MommaBird came up to visit. First, we went fabric shopping at Traditional Pastimes! Mom bought some adorable fabric for the baby quilts she is making (no rumors now, it's not for me!) and a couple fat 1/8 bundles. I bought a bundle of long quarters of this bright Rhinestone fabrics. We hit the farmer's market, went out for dinner at Diner Deluxe (the pulled pork sandwich is amazing) and made the expensive mistake of stepping foot into Lululemon. :) And obviously, we quilted! I worked on some random stuff I had laying around and mom worked on this super cute balloon baby quilt. I was also puppy sitting so we had a little quilting helper named Demo.

"You no sew!" says Demo

left over orange peels

blocks from a swap

Mom's paper pieced balloon quilt

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