Monday, July 30, 2012

Time Flies

Today, I finally logged back onto my blog and realized "holy crap, it's been SIX months!". 

Time just flies sometimes and I can't believe it is almost August (winter jackets are already available at Costco by the way!) It seems like I have had zero time to work on anything lately. I started a new position at work so I have been working long hours and haven't felt energetic enough to sit down and sew. 

That is all about to change.... TONIGHT.

I am going start working on the last BOM for mom and dad's quilt (the Jan Patek's Favorite Things quilt). And I just realized that I missed my 2-year Blogiversary give-away so I will prep for that shortly- have to find something adorable to give away first. :)

Since I love posts with pictures (and obviously, I have no new sewing ones),  here is a cute photo of Mr. B and a picture of down town Calgary when I was walking to work...

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