Sunday, August 26, 2012

MommaBird's New Blog

This weekend Mom and Dad came up to visit. I helped Mom set up her very own quilting blog. It's called MommaBird Quilts. She is working on an adorable baby quilt and she is also doing a "Mom & Me" quilt. Pop on over and check it out. :)

We also took down the spare bed and turned my extra room into a quilting room for me. Once the mattress is gone, it's will be perfect. Plus I have my computer handy for movies, music or looking up quilting tips/tutorials. I just need a small cutting table but I can use my kitchen table for now. There are also a couple places in town i.e.. Stash Lounge where you can pay an hourly rate to use their large cutting tables. I have a few projects that require tons of cutting so I may have to hit that space up soon. Sometimes there is just not enough room on my kitchen table!

almost there...
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