Monday, August 27, 2012


Today, was Day 1 of my 'staycation'. For anyone who doesn't know, a staycation is vacation where you don't go any where. :) I took a few days off from work to relax and to quilt. Sometimes, you don't even need a holiday away from home, just a holiday period.

Monday's Hint

 Whenever I am cutting fabric, I always keep anything 1.5 inches and larger. This is probably crazy but when I am paying $13-$20/meter (also crazy), I just can't bring myself to toss it. Usually if they are around 2-3", I cut them down to 1.5" squares. I separate them into lights and darks/mediums and I use old salad containers to store them. If I am piecing at the machine, I use these matched up squares as leaders and enders. I start with the 1.5" block so that if the thread bunches up, it's not on the better block that I am making. It's a great way to start off and to end when chain sewing. Plus, you can use up random bits of material and will have blocks for another project with little extra effort. I made a few place mats a while back with these leaders and enders.

starting off

the leader preserves the point of my triangle without bunching up

the stash!
 I finished another two blocks today. However, I ended up botching one block and since it was kitted, there wasn't enough spare material to remake it. I had to dig through my stash for a similar green and make do.

This is what the block should look like:

This is what my block looks like:

This block went fairly well:

I am getting there:

A random non-quilting photo- check out this ridiculously adorable hat I found! (not real fur-so don't go all 'PETA' on me). I think I am going to save up for this puppy; it's not cheap.

perfect for our cold winters

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  1. I save all of my little bits too, they come in handy when you need a bit for applique, like a leaf, or a flower centre. You just never know.

    1. Exactly. I totally agree. :) Hugs.

  2. Hi Sylvia, I save mine too. One day I am going to make something with them :)