Monday, July 29, 2013

My Time Mondays #2

I took my sewing machine in to see the 'doctor' for its annual checkup so for the next two weeks I need something to do. I drew up these little Tulip flowers and I decided I would make an applique with it. I am doing a trial run with some spare charm packs that MommaBird bought me. So far, I think they are pretty darn cute. I didn't add a stem because I wanted them to be a little more abstract.

I also got my hair cut today. Took off over 8" in the back. It's a tad shorter and darker than I requested but it will grow out. Not sure, I may look like a 'triangle head' when it's curly- I may have to go back for more layers. The good thing is that it is giving my hair a healthy fresh start now that all the bleached highlights are gone.

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