Thursday, February 27, 2014

My favorite meme.

This basically sums up my evening! ha ha.

 I will have pictures of the finished nine-patch quilt on Saturday!!!! (I just have to wash it and attach a quilting label).

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It's go go go

This week has been exhausting. Perhaps, it has because it has been go-go-go since the weekend. My bf and I are also back running full time and we have joined a half marathon clinic that started two weeks ago. The first week was a tad bit dodgy. The physiotherapist thinks I may have a slight tear in my MCL (knee) from snowshoeing a few weeks back. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt when I run, only when I sit too long (or when I bend my knee to put on socks). So for now I get to keep running as long as I do a few exercises, slow down and just not run back to back days.  And anything that would torque the knee, something like snowshoeing or snowboarding, is definitely out. My half marathon race is June 1st (the Calgary Half) so I have a few months to recover and hopefully, fingers crossed, I can make it. It was heartbreaking last year to train through the winter only to have to drop out a week and a half before the Hypothermic Half due to injury. All those brutal 18 km runs in -30 weather for nothing. It was tough not to run the race. I am hoping 2014 brings me luck this time around.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I love long weekends...

...especially, a 4 day long weekend! Yesterday, was super lovely. My boyfriend definitely spoiled me! He took me to a movie, then for supper at a nice tapas restaurant and gave me flowers, chocolates (OMG the sea salt chocolate caramels are to DIE for) and a beautiful pearl bracelet. Don't worry, I got lots of goodies for him too. I got him dark chocolate from Purdy's, a box of speciality beef jerky from a local producer, a remote control helicopter (he is definitely techie and loves these kinds of things) along with a coupon saying I would make him homemade raspberry chocolate scones. *currently in the midst of baking right now*. What was really cute and funny is that we bought each other, without knowing, matching Valentine's Day cards. What are the odds?

I love these. 

This week I also popped into the LQS. I had every intention of just purchasing thread but instead spent $130 on this super adorable Bark & Branch by Eloise Renouf for Cloud 9 Fabrics. I bought all the background and border fabric to make a simple lap quilt- something similar to the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern.

Well I better get ready for bed. We have a 7 km run early tomorrow morning. :) It's going to be a long four months until the half marathon in June. I am just glad it warmed up... -5 isn't to too bad. 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Annnnnnd the quilt top is done!

I finished the 9-patch quilt top! I love the borders on this quilt- it settles down the overall "busyness" of patches. To quote my friend, she thinks the borders are "amazeballs". I had to laugh.

For the backing, I have decided to make it a scrappy-back, using random bits of left over fabric. Good fabric is crazy expensive so why not use what you have laying around, right?!

Bye for now,
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Giveaway

It's February and that means Valentine's Day! This year I am giving away a lovely charm pack by Moda called "Giddy". I even found a cute tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop blog - it's called "Big Still My Heart" wall hanging and it uses one charm pack.

To have a chance to win it, just post this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment below saying you have!

I will make the draw on the 15th of Feb!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Sew In

It's chilly again outside so what a better day to stay in and sew. I am also on the mend from a bad stomach bug over the weekend as well.

Yesterday, my running group went snowshoeing in the mountains. We drove West of Calgary into Kananaskis Country. We parked near the Mt. Engadine Lodge and hiked up from there. When I say up, I mean, like WAY UP.   It was a brisk -15 deg C but it was super sunny. It was a beautiful hike, aside from  me coming down with the flu mid way up. The best part of the hike was the Whiskey Jacks at the top near Rummel Lake. They were adorable and would eat trail mix out of your hand. I didn't think I was going to make the last 5 km on the way back- it was rough.  Luckily, we stopped in at the lodge for afternoon tea and brunch. In my case, ginger ale and crackers!

The beautiful view 

The view!

Made it to Rummel Lake

Whiskey Jack (or Gray Jay)
I can't wait to pick out the border for the following quilt top. I am thinking a dark purple-plum or dark blue would really make it "pop". Or maybe even a white border???

Tomorrow, I will post give-away contest! :)

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