Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's go go go

This week has been exhausting. Perhaps, it has because it has been go-go-go since the weekend. My bf and I are also back running full time and we have joined a half marathon clinic that started two weeks ago. The first week was a tad bit dodgy. The physiotherapist thinks I may have a slight tear in my MCL (knee) from snowshoeing a few weeks back. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt when I run, only when I sit too long (or when I bend my knee to put on socks). So for now I get to keep running as long as I do a few exercises, slow down and just not run back to back days.  And anything that would torque the knee, something like snowshoeing or snowboarding, is definitely out. My half marathon race is June 1st (the Calgary Half) so I have a few months to recover and hopefully, fingers crossed, I can make it. It was heartbreaking last year to train through the winter only to have to drop out a week and a half before the Hypothermic Half due to injury. All those brutal 18 km runs in -30 weather for nothing. It was tough not to run the race. I am hoping 2014 brings me luck this time around.

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