Friday, May 23, 2014

Quebec City

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was in Quebec City last week. MommaBird was able to come with so that was super awesome.  We spent most of the down time shopping and eating! Quebec City is beautiful. We went on a caleche (horse and buggy) tour our first night. The following evening we toured around the upper part of Old Quebec City. The third day we went for lunch at this nice little pub- had the biggest bowl of mussels I have ever seen! Then we went shopping. I bought a few clothing pieces from a local designer, a new silver ring with amethyst and we bought matching mother-daughter purses. Mom bought the adorable green one and I got the purple-y one.  We enjoyed tons of bread, dessert and possibly a glass or two of wine. It was such a nice trip and really good to get away. The weather was chilly the first night but the rest of the days warmed up- especially the last day. It hit +30 with humidity.


Chateau Frontenac

Matching purses!

the tram/elevator to lower Quebec City

horse and buggy tour


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