Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving????

My summer has been insanely busy. We are training for the Kelowna Marathon (it is in less than 5 days) and I am starting to freak out. The most I have done is 32 km so the 42 km seems very daunting. I know we will finish but I still can't believe we will be doing the race.

On the 28th, we ran in the Melissa's Half Marathon in Banff. It was gorgeous (slightly cold weather) but perfect for the run.

My BF and I both also got new jobs this summer, so with that and the running, I haven't gotten around to quilting.

Until yesterday!

My friend is having a baby girl in November so I am making this super adorable baby quilt. The quilt is quite gender neutral so I am thinking of adding a cute little pink bow-tie to the giraffe.

More pictures to come :)

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